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Change date of starting Lion x3 to July 9
Opening date of Lion x3 low-rate server changed to July 9.

Dear players!
We are almost ready to run our server alive. But unfortunatly, we have to inform you that we are going to change Lion x3 start date.

We hope, that you will understand us and thank you for it! We will also want to inform you:​
  • We are going to open Beta Test Server early next week.​
  • Increase our addvertising.​
  • We will prepare a pleasant bonus for every player!​

Thank you,
P.O. Elison

Opening Interlude classic Lion x3

The Interlude x3 server will be open on July 9nd at 18:00 Moscow time.

Why is it worth paying attention to our project?

  • We provide you with a server for a comfortable game and to feel pleasant nostalgia for the good old Lineage.
  • Stable server operation - We guarantee that you will not experience any discomfort while playing on our project.
  • The advertising campaign after the start of the server does not allow the online decrease to a critical minimum.
  • The server won't be shut down in a week. We plan to found a wonderful club of lovers of low-rate, without excessive pathos, where everyone will find a secluded place for spoil and grind mobs.

What awaits you at the start of the server?

  • The lack of items in the Donate store that affect the gameplay.
  • The first sieges will be on July 25
  • Comfortable newbie buffer that will accompany you up to level 80.

What will be available for donation?

  • Premium account.
  • A set of NG & D armor, weapons, jewelry and consumables.
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Patch date 16.10.2021